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Our 6th Annual Charity Golf Outing is Here!
Get the details for The Keon Center's 6th Annual Charity Golf Event.


You can make a donation to Keon Center at any time by clicking the Donate button to the right. Donations are greatly appreciated and help us to continue our important work in the community.


Starting July 1st we will offer Community-Based Pre-Voc Services for current and new consumers. Programing will take place in-community at various training sites under the direction of a life skill coach.


Pathways to Employment Services have begun at Keon which will help interested consumers to determine individualized plans that will reflect personal interests in employment goals to experience a variety of employment opportunities that will aid in determining future employment tracks.


Bill Melville was recently honored by the Hendrick Hudson Lions Club at The Beekman Golf Club for his 37 years of service at the Keon Center. The Lions Club presented a check for $500.00 to the Center.  




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About The Keon Center

Our Mission Statement

The Keon Center, C.A.R.C. Inc. will be the most comprehensive, vocational life skill training center in Westchester County, offering consumer driven services that foster self respect and dignity through innovative, organized and effective programming, implemented by a dedicated, caring and professional staff in a nurturing and supportive environment.

The History of the Keon Center

C.A.R.C. Inc was started by a group of concerned parents and citizens to address the needs of children with disabilities who were not provided for by the State education system. They began by providing training classes for people with disabilities on a free tuition basis. It is believed that this was the first parent operated class in the State of New York. The original classes had students up to 30 years of age, and produced leather belts, purses, wallets, hats etc which were sold to raise money for more supplies.

In 1962 the organization moved into their own building in Montrose, NY. The school was dedicated on June 10, 1962, and was called the Edward J. Keon Sr. Memorial School. The School moved several times after outgrowing this building, and services expanded to serve a broad spectrum of clients and disabilities.

From its limited parent-operated beginning for children without a place in the State education system, the agency has consistently expanded its services to the disabled adult in a vocational setting and today provides services that include:

  • Diagnostic Vocational Evaluations
  • Comprehensive Work and Personal Adjustment Training
  • Individual and Group Counseling (available to family members as well as consumers)
  • Psychological Services
  • Social Services (available to family members as well, through the Family Support Program)
  • Sheltered Employment in the workshop
  • Supported Employment at selected community sites
  • Job Placement Services
  • Resource and Referral Services
  • Residential Habilitation Services
  • Benefits Assistance
  • Pre-Vocational Services
  • Job Enhancement Training Classes
  • Medicaid Service Coordination
  • School to Work Transition Services
  • Internships to students interested in learning more about careers in the field of human services

As additional needs are identified, the Keon Center will continue to develop new programs and provide additional services to our consumers. Through all its endeavors, the Keon Center remains a cost-free program for consumers, relying on limited government subsidies and the generosity of the community.

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Dennis Keon

This Site is Dedicated
to the Memory of
Dennis Keon.


Dennis was one of our original consumers, and we had the pleasure of sharing his life for over 50 years.


Dennis' family were pioneers. They raised Dennis at home and he truly became an active part of the community. We are named after Dennis' father who was instrumental in giving us the brick & mortar of our first school.


While we have grown over the years from a school to an agency now serving disabled adults in a variety of programs, we have maintained the Keon name to honor the efforts put forth by Dennis' family in fostering the dream of community living and reaching goals that at the time seemed unreachable.


We are truly blessed for all that Dennis gave over the years. He will always be with us.


Go Yankees!